World premiere of new Australian play

A new fast-paced comedy from GOLD AWGIE award-winning writer Rivka Hartman about the marriage between an (un)dead man and his die-hard wife.
When Ben returns from the dead to convince his daughter Gemma to break up with her night-clubbing , no-goodnik boyfriend -  Lana, his strong-willed  wife, elects to help. 
The late critic and director Bob Ellis has praised Hartman’s previous plays for their “comedic sense as delightful as that of Woody Allen in Manhattan or Tom Stoppard in The Real Thing. 
Giving Up the Ghost is a classical farce which promises equal entertainment -- with euthanasia its serious and controversial underlying theme.

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Running time: 80 minutes no interval

Producer: Rivka Hartman
Dramaturg: Alice Ansara
Lighting Designer: 
Mehran Mortezai
Stage Manager:  
Martyn Wilson

Elaine Hudson
Nicholas Eadie
Madeleine Withington
Andrew Wang

Rivka Hartman began her career as an actor and playwright at La Mama, in Melbourne in the 1970s. She was part of the inaugural year of the Screenwriting Course at the Australian Film Television and Radio School after which she worked as a film and television writer, and film director.
Her plays include ‘Dream Girl’, ‘The Psychiatrist’, ‘The Trapped Projectionist’ and ‘Daughters’. And most recently, ‘After Paradise’, 'Wanting', My Mother and Other Catastrophes' and 'Let's Talk about You'. Her radio play ‘Mother Knows Best’ was broadcast on ABC radio and performed at the Sydney Carnivale. 

Her film credits include ‘Consolation Prize’ (finalist, Greater Union Awards), ‘A Most Attractive Man’ (AFI Award Best Short Fiction), ‘Bachelor Girl’ (telemovie broadcast on ABC) and ‘The Miniskirted Dynamo’ (Gold AWGIE winner) and most recently, co-writer and co-producer on 'The Ballad of Betty & Joe'.

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