The Depot Theatre presented
The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov
A masterpiece about transition that itself transitioned theatre into a new age.

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15 July - 1 August 2015

"As far as debut productions go, The Cherry Orchard far exceeded my expectations...Director Julie Baz has assembled a great cast for this iconic play, there was not one even slightly off performance, the overall result was stunning...Each character was played with great nuanced performances....A terrific show, don’t miss out on this powerful debut from The Depot Theatre." THE BUZZ FROM SYDNEY
"Ironically, the current manifestation of The Cherry Orchard, Chekhov’s last and arguably greatest play about the decaying end of a House and an era, is the inaugural play in a brand new Sydney theatre space throbbing with hope and potential for a vibrant future...performed by this company, under this director at this time and in this city, it turns out to be an exciting contribution to the 2015 Sydney theatre calendar, and one not to be missed."  LISA THATCHER
"Admirers of the great Russian playwright, on seeing Julia Baz’s very impressive production of Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece THE CHERRY ORCHARD, will appreciate the discerning casting, costumes, and mood enhancing lighting. Best of all is the clean fresh look of the production, that cleverly takes full advantage of the L-shaped seating layout. This poignant, classic tragedy is about torment and suffering in a time of change. All the performances are crisp, sharp and coherent."  SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE
"With a cast of 12, each character is full of energy, each boasting their own unique personality. Strong acting paired with such beautifully crafted costumes, really placed this performance into its era...The Depot Theatre is an interesting new location for performances"  WEEKEND NOTES
Promo shots  photography by Katy Green Loughrey
Director Julie Baz  Set & Lighting Designer David Jeffrey
Costume Designer Lisa Washburn Sound Designer Julie Baz
Stage Manager Cherilyn Price Technical Operator Tennessee Baz-Jeffrey
Cast Jane Angharad, Anne Brito, Myles Burgin, Leo Domigan, David Jeffrey, Justine Kacir, Theo Kokkinidis, Dave Kirkham, Emily McGowan, Roger Smith, James Smithers & Cherrie Whalen-David