1. Title 5
  2. Title 6

Michael Campbell
PRODUCER Julian Ramundi SET DESIGNER Irma Calabrese

CAST Thomas G Burt, Julia Christensen, Dave Kirkham,
Jodine Muir, Thomas Pidd, Eleanor Stankiewicz

Robert Kelly seems to have it all. Stardom. A beautiful wife.
A big house. And an ability to look good in reaction shots. 
Still, he's not happy. His conscience is kicking in through

the coke haze and it's telling him that he's a shallower than a
red-neck's gene pool. But is entering politics the answer?
Could he be a voice for the common Australian?
And how many lies must he tell to serve the truth? 
Following one disastrous morning involving a twitter-

famous teenage nazi sympathizer, an accidental death
(or two) and a faked terrorist siege with a former shock
jock, he'll discover how far he must go to save the country
and, more importantly, prove he's not a complete jerk. 
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